Instagram Stories reducing engagement of posts?

If you read this your instagram post engagement has likely decreased. I experienced the same during the last couple weeks. My theory is that as people only have a limited amount of time on Instagram, the Instagram story feature is taken a portion of this engagement and therefore posts get less likes and comments.

For sure, Instagram stories are increasing the overall usage of Instagram as well. The mere nature of Instagram stories requires a daily routine whereas with the original Instagram a check every 2 or 3 days could be enough. But I assume that this increase in usage is not enough to give both functions its seperate engagement. Some people that have watched posts in the past may have switched completely to Instagram Stories.

That being said, I’s suggest you start investing some more time in Insta Stories!


Instagram Algorythm Killing Creativity?

As of the year 2016 Instagram has rolled out its new algorythm, following a similiar strategy then Facebook. My argument in the article is that the new algorythm does not fit Instagrams nature of getting inspired by other peoples content.

Lets take a step back, by now everyone has gotten used to the Facebook algorythm. Yes, its not perfect but it is generally accepted by everyone (One example of imperfection would be that over the years the social feed has become a commercial feed, but thats another topic). The way the algorythm generally works is to echo back whatever seems statistically relevant to the user. So for instance if one thing is liked similiar posts from the same source will appear. This concept can be quiet radicalizing as everyone is kept in his own bubble of beliefs and preferences. There is little innovation or different opinions and if there are, they are often inhabited from friends who share similiar views.

The question is if it is really that simple to just copy this concept and put it on Instagram. I believe that on Instagram people are far more creative and open to new opinions, styles and creations. People don’t want to be in the bubble they want to escape the bubble and explore. That for many, is the only way to get new inspiration. Thus an algorythm that is repeatedly trying to serve you the same stuff over and over again will irritate many users. Just today I have gotten 5 posts from the same photographer in my feed, annoying!).

Therefore I would say that Facebook has to adobt its algorythm to Instagram users and not create a one size fits it all model.

The IoT Revolution

Internet has changed the way we live and the way we see marketing, we are able to communicate with each other and to collect data that did not exist before, but the outcomes of the Internet are evolving into a more connected environment, this time with objects.
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My first time using a Massive Open Online Course

I have never used a MOOC before so I was pretty excited when we were asked to participate in one. I couldn’t imagine how more than 10.000 people would interact at once from all over the world. I was also wondering how knowledge could be ordered in a meaningful way and whether or not discussions would be a benifit for me.

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My MOOC experience

Bildschirmfoto 2015-11-09 um 16.53.11

Over the past three weeks I participated in a MOOC (Massive Online Open Course) on a platform called Future Learn as a part of my assessment of my lecture “Marketing in the 21st Century”. To be honest I had never taken a MOOC before and I had no idea what to expect. Continue reading “My MOOC experience”

My thoughts about blogging and marketing gurus

When I was in college I learned marketing from certain important authors such as Philip Kotler, Tom Peters, Michael Porter and Peter Drucker just to mention a few. Also from the big companies CEO’s such as Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page, Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, etc. And I think I am still learning from some of the marketing bloggers that started to write their thoughts.
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Blogging as a digital marketer

Bildschirmfoto 2015-11-08 um 13.12.46

When I worked for Louis Vuitton, I was almost every day in contact with many fashion and beauty bloggers. I send them products from the newest collection for free and in return we hoped they we would be featured on their blog or in any of their social media platform. Continue reading “Blogging as a digital marketer”

My concerns after finishing MOOC

In 2012 top universities started to offer free courses in Internet, labelled as MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) with the idea to provide high quality education to anyone with internet connection, for example a person in Singapore can be learning the same as someone located in Brazil with digital resources as articles, videos, forum discussions and assessments to complete the course.
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MOOC: knowledge for the masses

Since olden times people have always been pleased to get something for free or at a good price whether it be a product or service. Thanks to technology, a great people’s achievement, nowadays we have an inestimable opportunity to get such indispensable thing as knowledge gratis.
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